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Thread: Help me find an audio tool that analyses sound externally

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    Red face Help me find an audio tool that analyses sound externally

    Hi all!

    Wow it must be, erm 10 years since I posted here, its good to be back!!

    Come to think of it, I contributed lots of music to this site back in 99 already :P

    Anyway, I'm working on a good old Flash AS2 project and currently I need to animate some MC's using a song.

    I remember of a third party software that did exactly that : you fed it an mp3 or wav and it produced a txt file with peak variables, which was then read directly in Flash and could be assigned as a variable to anything. The result was "real time" (not so real ) audio sync'd animation. I need this to make a simple level meter.

    Does anyone remember this or know of anything equivalent?

    Any input would be a huge help!



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    You can just use the elapsed time of the playing mp3 - at 12 seconds do this, at 17 seconds do this, etc.

    I think this is how you see current seconds in a playing sound

    currentPosition = Math.round(mySound.position/1000);

    You can set an interval to check the position.

    There are cue points. But that's for people who don't code. It's a lot more work - you have to code the cue points into the mp3 or xml or something then extract the cue points.

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