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Thread: New functionality in the works

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    New functionality in the works

    In case people are wondering what I am doing, I am creating a new export. It will be Html5 with JQuery Mobile widgets and no key frames. It will have the advantage of not worrying about key frames but it will have all non-key frame oriented effects. The metaphor for JQuery Mobile is pages rather than key frames. I was draw in this direction because the widgets are gorgeous and are highly customizable. Also, this Html5 can readily be turned into iOS and android apps. I might have a new version with the start of this idea in a month or two. It has turned out to be an immense amount of work.

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    Glad to hear Bob. I don't use mobile devices (never even owned a mobile phone) myself but a lot of people do. I'll still check it out though when you have it done, as my wife does own an iPad.

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    Looking forward to seeing this

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    Sounds great!
    The future is looking bright. Gotta wear shades!

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