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Thread: How to remove child once and not permanently

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    How to remove child once and not permanently

    I have one button adding a Proloader and using a remove child on my second button to remove the items loaded from the first button. But when I click on the first button again it does not have anywhere to load the Movie into because the childs been removed. Is there a way to clear the child and just remove permanently?

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    I meant to say a way to clear the child and not remove permanently

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    Put everything in empty movieclip so you can easily reference it.

    For example, this is how I'd manage thumbnail clips - buttons, text, pics, loaded dynamically:


    mcThumbs is an empty clip that holds all the mcThumb clips. mcThumb is a clip that has a pic, text, and a button. It's dynamically generated. mcPic is an empty clip that only holds your loaded pic. Add your loader to it. Then you can removeChildAt(0) because it's the only child.


    To clear something from memory, all references have to be cleared. Don't reference the loader in any other way and remove the loader.

    You can reference the clips like this: mcThumbs["mcThumb_" + i].mcPic

    Remember that everything you download to your swf goes in the browser cache (in general) so every time you load the file again, it loads instantly from cache.

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