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Thread: SoundTouch Class

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    SoundTouch Class

    Hello, I'm trying to play an mp3 file using SoundTouch class. But I'm getting error.

    var source:Sound = new Sound1();
    var output:Sound = new Sound();
    var soundTouch:SoundTouch = new SoundTouch();
    soundTouch.pitchSemitones = -6;
    var filter:SimpleFilter = new SimpleFilter(sound, soundTouch);
    output.addEventListener(SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA, filter.handleSampleData);
    This gives me error:

    Sahne 1, Katman ‘Katman 1’, Kare 1, Satır 18, Sütun 44 1120: sound tanımlanmamış özelliğinin erişimi.



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    You posted the error in a different language.

    The errror is sound is undefined when you're creating the new SimpleFilter. It should be source or output - one of the two Sounds you created - or define sound.

    var source:Sound = new Sound1(); should be var source:Sound = new Sound();

    Here's a good tutorial for sound: http://www.republicofcode.com/tutorials/flash/as3sound/

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