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Thread: Freewebs Guestbook

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    Freewebs Guestbook

    Right, umm, newbie.

    I'm making a website with a guestbook, and itll be using the freewebs guestbook, however I was wondering if anyone could help me code it into the flash to give it a more proffesional look. The html code for freewebs guestbook is like this.

    <!---- Begin FreeWebs Guestbook Code ---->

    < FORM action="http://members.freewebs.com/guestbook.jsp" method=post>< INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="userid" value="1844261">Name:< input name="name"><BR>Email:< input name="email"><BR>Leave your message here:<BR>< TEXTAREA name="message"></TEXTAREA><BR>< input value="Sign the Guestbook" type="submit"></FORM><BR><HR>< SCRIPT type = "text/javascript" src="guestbook.js"></SCRIPT >

    <!----- End FreeWebs Guestbook Code ----->

    The file "http://members.freewebs.com/guestbook.jsp" I do not hav access to, however this shouldn't be any problem. I have access to "guestbook.js", which is where the messages are written to and stored.

    Thanks muchly
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    Also a newbie who just started a website. I am thinking about different guestbook options. Wondering what guestbook option you might recommend?

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