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Thread: A GAME from others, but I cannot understand, can someone HELP?

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    A GAME from others, but I cannot understand, can someone HELP?

    I got this game from my friends and I tried to understand the code, as3. some part, I don really understand. I am new to flash, can someone pro help me understand it. PLZ The game is about endless runner game, If someone welling to help me, I can send the game. I hope that someone can help me
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    So the game has a map array which is probably a 2D array of tiles, you can look up the term 'tile engine' on Google to figure out what that is.
    There is a map speed property that is probably a scaler value that controls the overall speed in which the map scrolls on the x, y or both 2D axes.
    There is a PublicData class which probably holds some global values and is bad practice.

    The bulk of what you need to do is to research 2d tile engines. There are resources here on FlashKit or as I said earlier, look up 2D tile eng


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