Since this is my first post I'd like to thank everybody that can help me with this big problem.
I made a ship handling simulator for the military. I used the Pano2vr software (basically a 360 degrees flash file). In this file I use two pop-up flash movies (swf) and in those flash movies I want to play several video files for educational purposes.
Here's my problem and thus my question?

When I play the simulator and open the first pop-up I can watch the video files without problems but when I close the first pop-up and choose the second pop-up the video's don't work!
Strangely enough when I open the pop-up's the other way around the problem remains the same. The pop-up which I open first works fine but when I open the second pop-up is doesn't work!!!
I think that it has something to do with closing the flv player but I'm not sure and I don't know how to solve it.

Please help!!!