Hi all,

I'm brand new to Flash and for all intents and purposes, know very little. I'm familiar with keyframing etc with my experience with Premiere Pro and AE and have a decent background with PS and IL.

The problem I'm having is with something I'm trying to build. I intend to have a soundboard (to use as a standalone music quiz set up for a family quiz night coming up). I have no problem with implementing an audio file to play with a play button. Nor am I having any problems with stopping each unique file. The problem I am having is when I overlay the play button over the stop button and attempt to swap them round so when the play button is hit, the stop button replaces and I can therefore stop it. This works when I have one audio file but once I introduce and second or a third, all the buttons swap at the same time. In essence, I press play on number one and all the play buttons swap with the stop buttons.

The code I have so far is here:

import flash.events.MouseEvent;
play_button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.*CLICK,cl ickhandler);
stop_button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.*CLICK,cl ickhandler);
function clickhandler(event:MouseEvent):void{
import flash.events.MouseEvent;
play_button2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.*CLICK,cl ickhandler);
stop_button2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.*CLICK,cl ickhandler);
import flash.events.MouseEvent;
play_button3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.*CLICK,cl ickhandler);
stop_button3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.*CLICK,cl ickhandler);

I've tried to include the fla file but it won't let me upload. I've gone through the uploader but then nothing appears in my list.

I feel like I'm so close but the final effect is alluding me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks so much in advance. How you guys can figure this stuff out is totally beyond me and I already have a new found respect for you all.

Many thanks,