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Thread: AS2 XML pdf gallery component/list

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    Lightbulb AS2 XML pdf gallery component/list

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    Hello, Ive been using a gallery component that lets you use XML to call images and their respective thumbnails while on flash. It's really convenient and easy.

    Id like to ask for your kind help on how to achieve exactly that but applied to a PDF library/gallery/list that links you to the PDF file instead. I'm not intending on displaying the files inside flash, i just want a xml list/component that that can be editable and links files so they can be downloaded.

    I have to insert a data base containing 2000 PDFS and it would take too long doing using GetURLs

    Thanks a lot and excuse my English!!

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    As I understand AS2 has totally been removed from Flash CC, not supported so you won't be able to do it in AS2.

    If you just require simple links to be opened/downloaded in a browser then you only need modify your xml files to go to those links, display the links in textFields.

    Im afraid you will still need to manually input the links unless you have some php file to create the xml file for you, with all files being relative.

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