I've searched all over for an answer to this problem but I don't even know where to start.

The issue is that seemingly, the sprites in my game, even when removed from the scene continue to play out as if they were still somewhere in the game, its impossible to even tell this is the case until you add sounds, and then can hear them playing when they shouldn't. This problem is even worse when I need to skip along the main time-line, say frame 2 is my level select screen and frames 3-7 are all levels. Choosing lvl 7 seems to burst through every object in the previous frames and play there sounds, over the top of each other in a horrible Frankenstein of sounds, and for whatever reason, this problem is even worse when trying to go backwards in the time line.

I took a brake from the project due to frustration but remember part of it was related to adding listeners, so I added remove listeners and it helped but somehow the problem still exists in fewer but just as annoying cases.

I would like to know if there is a way to completely remove all these ghost sprites from the scene, like a memory clear, or a more reliable solution that matching each addlistener with its remove listener, as in the game environment I seem to have encountered a few cases where its not practical to rely on it, as looping conditions may never be met to move to the frame with the remove listener is on.

I dug this whole for myself as this is my first project with actionscript 3 and listeners. And I had no idea it was even there until I added sounds, late into the project.

Thankyou for your time I hope someone can help me out.