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Thread: The main method of painting coloring

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    The main method of painting coloring

    Painting with worldwide enduring trend,oil paintings for sale, more and more countries are accepted in China has gone through life experiences thoughts on the oil market to mature. A large number of well-educated and art lovers have a new idea began to enter the ranks of collectors, the following describes the main methods of identifying colored painting:

    A multi-level shading.oil paintings for sale, When first with monochrome painting draw large body appearance, and then use the color multi-level building, painted dark areas often thin, middle tones and highlights the layers of impasto, or cover, or leave, the formation of color contrast. Because of varying thickness, showing rich color and texture rhyme intended. Both transparent and opaque painting is no strict distinction between the artist often integrated use in a painting in. When performance in the shadows or the shadows of images, covered with a transparent color method can produce a stable, deep sense of volume and spatial sense; opaque coating color easy to shape the law in a dark part of the body other than to increase the screen color saturation. 19th century painters were powered by two painting, works generally longer time to make some unfinished floor after a long period, until the color layer is completely dry before portray.

    Second, the transparent color coating method,oil paintings for sale, which uses white and without just being diluted oil paint palette multi-level description. After each layer of paint must dry for the next level, because of the color of each layer are relatively thin, the underlying color can vaguely revealed, subtle changes in tone and color of the upper formation. For example, in the crimson color layer coating sedate blue cover, will produce blue through purple in that cold in the apartment warm rich effect, which often can not be transferred out of the palette colors. This painting is suitable for performance and solid sense of texture images, in particular, can vividly depict characters delicate skin color changes, people feel the blood flowing under the skin epidermis. Its disadvantage is a long narrow gamut, fine production process workers, the time to complete the work, the artist is not easy to express immediate artistic emotion.

    Third,oil paintings for sale, direct coloring. After making images that form the outline of the painting on canvas, by virtue of the images of color perception or conception of painting laying color screen color, basically once unfinished, incorrect parts to continue with the painting after Daogua color adjustment. This painting dipped in each of the relatively strong pigment, color saturation, strokes are more clear and easy to express a vivid feeling when painting. After the mid-19th century, many artists are more with this painting. To make a color layer colored reach full effect, we must pay attention to the use of gesture that coating, the coating method commonly divided into flat coating, casual coat and a thick coating. Galgo is to use one-way efforts evenly coated gesture plotted large area of color, suitable for shaping the static body in a smooth, stable composition; the bulk coating is based on the painting refers to the natural shape of the trend turning brush, strokes compare loose, flexible; thick coating is a full-size or locally thick pile paint, some up to several millimeters to form a color layer or color, the pigment exhibits interesting texture, image has also been strengthened. As an artistic language, the role of painting, including color, shading, line, texture, strokes, texture, light, space, composition and many other factors shape, figure painting techniques that will shape the focus on individual factors or reflect out performance painting materials provided full use painting techniques on the second time the plane foundation possible. Oil production process is the artist consciously skillfully manage painting materials, select and use the creative process to express artistic ideas, artistic image formation techniques. Still life paintings express both the ideological content of the artist giving, but also demonstrated the unique beauty of painting language - painterly.

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    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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