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Thread: Which is better for graphic design?

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    Which is better for graphic design?

    Which is better for graphic design: Illustrator or Photoshop?

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    ms paint, lol jk I use flash for graphic design, but since you only gave two options id say Photoshop

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    I just want to quoted there in your answer. Stephen Carlson said perfectly. He said : This is like saying 'which is better for eating: a fork or a spoon?' Illustrator and Photoshop are both used in design, but for distinctly different purposes. Photoshop is primarily used when working with raster or 'bitmap' graphics. Illustrator is used when working with vector graphics.

    For a discussion of the difference between raster and vector graphics, check out this question: When should you use vector versus raster drawing tools?

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    It all depends on what you need to do. Both applications have their use, the clue is in the name really.

    Photoshop is for editing photos. Meaning you generally already have some media which you need to edit/enhance/composite.

    Illustrator is for creating illustrations from scratch. You need to create a line drawing of a chair? or a compant logo? Illustrators is your tool.

    Graphic Design does not use one application, it uses a whole range of tools. Its like asking what's better for a carpenter, a hammer or a screwdriver?. Both have a use and while there is some crossover its always best to use the correct tool for the job.

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