Hey guys, im in trouble, im doing a webradio player for a client my deadline was on friday and im still stucked on the volume slider.

Well the layout of the player is this:
Attachment 75275

And i need to do this green button, slide around de circle to get more or less volume.

Ive already have a code, that do this, but im not able to customize it, i need that it runs on clockwise, and on my code it is running counterclockwise

Well this is my code:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
     if (_root.motion)     {
         this.thisx = this._x;
         this.thisy = this._y;
         this.lastx = _parent._xmouse;
         this.lasty = _parent._ymouse;
         this.xdif = this.thisx-this.lastx;
         this.ydif = (this.thisy-this.lasty)*-1;
         this.finalrot = Math.atan2(this.xdif, this.ydif);
         this.finalrot = ((this.finalrot*180)/Math.PI)-180;
         this.finalrot = this.finalrot+360;
             if (this.finalrot >= 45 and this.finalrot <= 270)     {
             this._rotation = this.finalrot;

I dont know nothing about actionscript, do you guys can help me???

thanks a lot