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Thread: trying to make a calculator that computes an average

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    trying to make a calculator that computes an average

    Hello, I am trying to make a calculator in Flash MX 2004, with three input fields and an fourth box for the average result. I got some actionscript code whcih I tried to add to a button but it doesn't seem to work for me as I keep getting an error and I don't know if I have put the code into the right area. Could someone please have a look at the fla attached and fix it if possible. The actionscript I used was

    btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, mClick);function mClick(e:MouseEvent):void { var total:String = String(Number(in1.text) + Number(in2.text) + Number(in3.text)); //input instance names = in1, in2, in3 avg.text = String(Number(total) / 3); trace(total);}

    Many thanks
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    You are using AS3 instead of AS2 or AS1.

    Well you are publishing for AS2 FP 7 anyway.

    PHP Code:

    total:Number Number(in1.text) + Number(in2.text) + Number(in3.text);
    avg.text String(total 3);

    and you need to create your avg textfield, you need to rename In1 to in1, you might also need to embed yourm fonts.

    You also need to remove the code from your button for AS3. the button componenet you are using is not suitable for AS3 too.

    If all fails then you will need to use AS2/AS1
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    The AS2 would be something more like
    PHP Code:
    on (press) {
    avg.text = (Number(in1.text) + Number(in2.text) + Number(in3.text)) / 3;

    placed on the button

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