a lot of people ask this kinda thing so.. lets try it..

I'm looking for a EXE wrapper for a SWF file (game in the end). I still use AS2 (CS4). Now, I would like one that allows Dynamic screen res change which can be tied into a menu in the flash (so any with extended FScommands) but more important, one that allows Saving and loading of files (and reading) via dialogue boxes.

I've tried a few demos right now.. SWF Maestro seamed okay until it seamed it would only return a path to the save /load file, wouldn't allow me to READ the file to get the variables from it.

I tried the old SWFKit which seams the better one, but it seams discontinued (contacting the company for information has so far appeared useless) and while I can get the Dialogue boxes to work, the DataFile.save (or Datafile.saveAndEnc) commands don't seam to want to work. and the help is.. not helping ^_^;

I would try something like Northcodes program but I have a budget of around $50 and SWFStudio seams to include ALOT of stuff which means it's good for the price, but way more then what I want or need it for.

Any ideas?