I timed out my animations to my audio on the time line. To get audio to play on an ipad I had to remove the audio form the timeline and launch with sound.js on the first frame of my animation. So in theory it should still be synced. Correct?

Its not synced though the audio plays much faster on an ipad then does my timeline animation. I'm revealing test that is spoken in the audio.

Every thing is synced when i test on my desktop however.

Is what I'm trying to do impossible now in flash cc html5 project?

What is the best approach to get it synced on all devices?

Why do I need to use sound.js to play audio on an ipad? Why cant Audio be on the timeline and work on ipad? Audio works on android devices on the timeline just not ipad.

This version plays audio on the timeline. Works on desktop, Android but not on Ipad

This version launches audio through sound js. Syncing is off on Ipad, Is synced on desktop.

Further audio information
An mp3 at 48k mono cant be imported into flash Why?
An mp3 at 44k mono will import to flash - But wont play on ipad via sound.js or embeded in timeline. Why?