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Thread: sprites and buttons -- needs help urgent

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    I have to get a screen show effect "push up" to a Flash frame. it has some other graphics too. To bring that effect to a frame i am creating all the shapes and tying them to a sprite. and calling show frame 10 times.
    So finally it brings the push up effect to a frame.

    Actually there are 4 frames. But to bring this screen show effect i am calling show frame almost 10 to 15 times more. so flash is treating them as 14 frames.

    Finally I am creating one navigation bar which provides First, Prev, Next, Last buttons. But when i click the next button it is going to one of the next show frame, but not to the frame what i intended to show(the one among those 4 frames).

    To solve that problem i implemented GotoFrame action tag.
    But To give the next frame number i don't know what will be the next frame number. It will be dynamically decided.

    How can i solve this problem? Can anyone please help me?
    It is very urgent. any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

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    dynamic buttons

    If the variable is dynamically decided, you will need to use flash actions and variables to determine the correct frame, and then use GotoFrame2 (keep in mind that none of the SDK's goto frame commands work to start out with...you must fix the bugs in them).

    You should also make each button be contained in its own sprite to keep things running smooth.


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