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Thread: Getting to know Flash IDEs

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    Getting to know Flash IDEs

    I am trying to learn AS3 by downloading Flash Projects(open source), but can't seem to really grasp the right way to get the projects to run (through compiling) with IDEs (I am using FlashDevelop as an IDE). I've downloaded this project from this site (among with others which did not work):


    Here's what I try to do:

    I open a new Project on FlashDevelop
    I copy all the folders to src, and make the main file(In this project it's called "rhymingRockets.as") as the Document Class.
    I delete main.as (generated by default), and try to run it, but get the errors: Error: Definition fl.transitions.easing could not be found.
    Click here to see the problem

    If not on FlashDevelop, how do I compile as3 folders?

    Another question: In the download link which i've provided, there's an .fla file. I opened it through Adobe Flash Pro XX, and I can see some images, but for some reason I can not see the code behind it. Is there a back panel for the coding part or something?

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    In FlashDevelop, there is not fl package, which includes the transitions.easing and transitions.Tween classes. You need to download the fl.swc SWC file that include the fl folder and all its classes.
    Already mastering AS3. It was so fun. Now into Javascript and PHP and all its libraries

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