I have been having some troubles with my Corel Draw lately. First off, I no longer have the software so unfortunately re-installing is not an option. I’m really hoping there is another way around it.
First off, I saved a .cdr file as I usually do, I went to open it and it keeps telling me ERROR READING so and so file. I have tried opening the BAK file but it keeps telling me to use a specific filter. When opening a file I try clicking on "Filter Information" and says none available. I have no clue about filtering or anything else. I am pretty new with this program. I’m not sure if it matters but I also have Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXpress. Is there anyway to export the file to one of these?
I really don’t want to have to buy any additional software (hopefully this won’t happen again).
I have honestly tried everything I can think of including burning the file onto disc and trying to open it from there.
Any help what-so-ever would be greatly appreciated!