The company I work for has developed it's own on-line training modules using powerpoint and then converting them to swf files. The problem is that it was done by a single individual who has since left the company. I've now been asked to upgrade some of the content as it contains out-of-date information and have found the powerpoint files but are not able to open them.
When I try to open the files, I get a message saying that Powerpoint is converting the file which either stays at 0% or it opens as a blank page. I have also tried opening them in OpenOffice Impress and that opens the files as blank pages. I've also opened them in a hex editor and that shows that all the hex codes are "20".
When the person that designed them was working for the company, we had Office 2003 installed but now have Office 2010. I'm not sure whether the different Office versions are an issue and/or whether he has somehow encrypted the powerpoint files. The person who designed them is uncontactable. I have attached one of the files here.
Does anyone have any suggestions?