Hi again, need help once more. :/ This issue is with using music along with voice acting, up to now "all" my animations had no voice actors, this being the first it gave many annoyingly issues. At first I attempted to lower the music theme I'm using in Audacity, but it's too faint to hear. Made like 5 different versions...now I know there's a custom editor in flash but for SOME REASON it refused to edit the music, at all, until I moved it to a lower layer so due to that couldn't mess with it for a while.

Now that it works on a new layer, I messed around and lowered the pitch close to the frames where the voice actors speak, and back to normal when they fight. However about half way through at the same frame, the music reverts to normal and refuses to lower again. I looked and there's nothing at that frame telling flash to rise the vol, so Idk what to do. I have it set to repeat the music which this issue happens after it repeats once, it stays at a low pitch until like 5 seconds after the first repeat and then BAM LOUD ALL OF A SUDDEN I just can't fix this.

I did go in Audacity and repeated the music there, but it seems to "shorten" the music overall when imported to flash 8 when doing that. Can anyone help with this? Also noticed in the custom editor you can only lower/rise the vol like...7 times, a way to fix that? If you don't know the custom editor is the envelope thing under the fade in/out option.