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Thread: Why is number 8 equal to 010 ??

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    Why is number 8 equal to 010 ??

    Hi all,

    If you try out this simple piece of code below :

    var i:Number;
    	if(i === 010){

    you will find that for 010 === 8, yes is echoed, for 011===10 yes is echoed too and I bet there would be more such values too.

    Any ideas why this is so ? How to get around this issue ?

    Thanks all !

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    It seems you are entering the bounds of Binary Number System although what you have done is wrong, I know not why.

    Try this code and see what it traces

    PHP Code:
    var i:Number;

    for (
        if (
    i.toString(2) === "1000")
    output "Positive";
    output "Negative";
    trace("\t:\t" output " - " i.toString(2));

    Perhaps I'm mistaken too, look into octal numebrs !!!
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    010 is 8 in octal, check out http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/web2/action/ch04_03.htm for an explanation of numeric literals in ActionScript
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    Hi fruitbeard and Northcode. Thanks for that insight. It's the octal 8 but i am surprised that a notation is not used like the leading 'x' in to denote the hexdecimal numbers. Is there a way to indicate to the system that the numbers being input are not octal?

    If I am taking an input from a user and I wish to check if it's the number 8 then can't the user simply fool the system by adding 010 instead? I don't think that there is a way - at least an elegant way - to disallow the first character to be a 0 in an "input box". So if I am checking for the number 8, I guess the only way around would be to get the input text and then strip off any leading zeros.

    Am i thinking correct or is there a better solution to this ?
    Thanks loads.

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