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Thread: [RESOLVED] Quick AS3 vertical movieclip Question

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Quick AS3 vertical movieclip Question

    So, I used to be fairly decent with Flash about 10 or so years ago - but man, things have really changed...
    Just currently messing around with AS3 for the first time - reading up and doing tutorials - however, Im currently having a hell of an issue simply just moving an already in motion movieclip up and down -

    I simply want for my movieclip 'gasoline1' to move to different locations vertically whenever a certain button is pushed-
    That in itself should be simple enough, however I already have the image scrolling from right to left (it's a sort of wavey png that looks like its 'flowing') - and I want the flowing from right to left water level to rise to certain levels upon the hit of a button - ie:

    Button 1 - Y:177.15
    Button 2 - Y:222.15
    Button 3 - Y:265.90
    Button 4 - Y:310.90

    My main issue though is that when I do finally get the code right that it does move up or down, the movie clip moving from right to left freezes, making the image stationery and sort of abandoning the 'flowing' animation I created.

    Anyone have thoughts on that? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Figured it out over the last couple of hours - thanks anyway.

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