I'm dealing with a game which.. at least graphically is getting very complex and for movies I mostly use flv as it's fine for what I'm doing.

Right now, they are embedded FLVs, but I'm thinking of turning them into external files which will be called, probably by the FLVPlayback component. Now the question i'm debating and can't seam to find is kinda list of pros and cons. Flash seams to want to crash a bit often when i'm working on this, probably cause of the amount of content (claiming memory issues which.. must be how the program handles memory access cause the final thing works fine as memory isn't an issue).. Using external FLVs may very well help with this issue as they will NOT be in the FLA file, so taking up memory. However, this isn't the only thing that needs to be thought about.

Has anyone done any tests or has some input to add on which is better to use?