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Thread: PHP help

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    PHP help

    Hello, I have following problem. So basically I have actionscript code :
    lv = new LoadVars();
             lv.Uz173AB = _level0.uName;
             lv.KgLmn1D = _level0.fqTEcOL["player" + _level0.remotePlayers[0] + "MC"].kills;
             lv.DopPZe4 = _level0.fqTEcOL["player" + _level0.remotePlayers[0] + "MC"].zqhUQj;
             lv.AqWZ3n0 = _level0.mapNum;
             lv.SJz7Nw8 = _level0.TqGedOz;
             lv2.onLoad = function(success)
                   my_txt.text = lv2.ztimestamp1;
                   my_txt.text = "Error loading";
    And my question is: How should my PHP file be constructed to send vars into database aswel as return time stamp text to "my_text.text" where it says lv2.ztimestamp1 (this is not my project, original host that had this working was shatdown due to owner left community and I just need new PHP to put it back again on work.)

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    Did u like decompile someones swf lmao
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    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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