Yeah me again, hopefully this'll be the last thing I need help with for a while. I been trying to get this script to work,

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_root.Son.hitTest(this) && _root.VcamGame.ringCounter>=0) {
_root.VcamGame.ringCounter = 0;
} else if (_root.Son.hitTest(this) && _root.VcamGame.ringCounter<=0) {
_root.alive = false;
let me explain what I need. The bottom half under "else if" that works, when the character gets hit with 0 rings he dies. But even WITH rings he still dies and the script perfectly says if ringCounter >=0 then he "shouldn't die", so why does he keep dying when the scripts tells flash "not to play the death animation"?

I hate having to link the fla, but it would be better than explaining. The ringCounter is inside the Vcam which I named "VcamGame" and inside the little bug guy on his frame 2, that's where the yellow bullet that damages Sonic is located. I added

Let me know if any of you knows what I'm doing wrong, he shouldn't be dying but nothing I do is fixing this.