Using Flash Develop, i'm using a bit of sharedobject code I've used in the past and had no problems with.. However, when I pass the name of the variable to be saved, it says that name in a corrupted way. the first character is always missing and has been replaced with a [] character at the end (white square).

as it's on the saving side, here is the setcookie function I use:

public static function setCookie(c:String, n:*, v:*):void{
			//Saves a variable to Flash Cookie file
			//AKA shared Object
			//c is Cookie Name
			//n is Variable Name
			//v is Variable value
			var mySo:SharedObject; = SharedObject.getLocal("Test1");[n] = v;
			var StatusResults:String = null;
			StatusResults = mySo.flush();
			if (StatusResults != null){
should be easy to follow as it's not complex or anything. the n value is the name, so the shared object file should have a variable called whatever is in 'n', with the value of whatever is in 'v'.

I don't think it's a flash develop bug, nor do I think it's a code bug so.. i'm completetly lost.. tracing commands gives the variable name as being passed correctly and seams to be correct inside the data object