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Thread: Coding Help. Are these Possible With Macromedia Flash 8?

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    Coding Help. Are these Possible With Macromedia Flash 8?

    Hi Guys! I'm new. I just registered because I need help from experts. I'm fairly new to flash. Well, I had some training back in college but that was 6 years ago and I decided to go back to coding.
    My project in Flash back then was only a linear commercial so I haven't done ActionScript. Though, I've done coding in C, JavaScript and PHP.

    I've been googling around but I can't seem to find the answer.
    I'm developing a game in Macromedia Flash 8 that involves associating keyboard press with say.. 3 buttons. If the associated keyboard key is pressed, it will show its hidden text. These texts will stay visible once the keyboard key they are associated with is pressed.

    So, I need help with two things.
    1) Is it possible to show hidden text in Flash 8 through the action script? If so, what's the code for it?
    2) Is it possible to put the round in a for or while loop? It's ok if it's one frame or multiple frames as long as it will stay with the same group of buttons until all the texts are shown. If so, what's the code for it?

    And a link to a good tutorial with Macromedia Flash 8 would be highly appreciated.

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    Hey guy, welcome! The answers are all on google, here are some links to help you. e.e



    P.S: The information is out there if you want to become a good programmer, then look at each corner. :P

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