I hope someone can help me.
I am using my old, trusty Flash Pro. 8 to create small movies to be shown on a couple of TV's in a bowling-alley!

My idea was to just make a folder of movies that should be played in order (001.swf, 002.swf, 004.swf and so on).
Now, I need an actionscript to load the next movie in nummeric order - similar to "loadMovieNum("002.swf", 0);", but without the actual name on the swf (002.swf).
I need this because i want to be able to easily add and remove movies in the sequence without having to deeplink each movie to the next.
Furthermore i should proberbly ad a "end-of-sequence" movie named 999.swf that points to the very first movie (named start.swf with loadMovieNum("002.swf", 0)

Does that make sense?
- and is it possible?