First; I am using Flash CS6 installed locally on a Windows 7 desktop machine.

Whenever I run my movie in the browser F12 it persist in firing up Internet Explorer. I had hoped that changing Window's default browser to Google Chrome would fix that. No such luck. I thought at one point I had corrected the issue with i.e. but it has reverted back to failing to run the flash player. The reason I tried to change the default browser in the first place. In any event for reasons that completely baffle me when I hit the F12 key flash fires off Internet Explorer. and I have to physically go into the project folder and right click the html file and click "Open With" then select Chrome. to test / play my movie.

I seem to recall that other Adobe software such as Dremweaver allow you to choose the browser you want to run your project in.

Can I do this in Flash?