Hey again, I'm picking at this old project which I can't seem to finish. So I'm ripping it apart and want to post pieces of it for you folks to look at.

Not a direct request, just if anyone is up to it, I wonder if someone can take this AS2 project made in Flash CS6 and reproduce it under Adobe Animate's Canvas (I'm using Animate 2015.1)

Here's a link to the source (you can extract the FLA files only if you don't feel comfortable with swf files): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9...GxfZV8tMjA4SXM

It's just a button that, when pressed, loads a movie clip window and it loads some external content. The external content is scrollable. An invisible graphic loads that prevents you from touching objects in the background while the movie clip window is loaded. Once you close it, the graphic unloads and you're free to push the button again.

If I can get this as a working template for the canvas, I can start making some progress. What do ya think?

Extra Note: The movie clip should preload the external content, and the main timeline I would like to have a preloader as well. Once exported, I want the movie completely centered in the browser. It always exports to the top left and surrounded by gray.

Here are the codes so you can get an idea what's going on:

button1.onRelease = function() {
	_root.inactive._alpha = 40;
	_root.toonholder._alpha = 100;
	tellTarget ("_root.inactive") gotoAndPlay ("ina2")
    tellTarget ("_root.toonholder") gotoAndPlay ("toon2")
var mcl2:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
var mclL2:Object = new Object();

mclL2.onLoadProgress = function(target,loaded,total) {
	loader2.percent2.text = Math.round((loaded/total) * 100) + "%";

mclL2.onLoadInit = function() {
	loader2._visible = false;
	loader2.percent.text = "";

closetooncentral.onRelease = function() {
	_root.loader2._width = 0;
	_root.inactive._alpha = 0;
	_root.toonholder._alpha = 0;
	_root.loader2._visible = false;
    tellTarget ("_root.inactive") gotoAndPlay ("ina1")
    tellTarget ("_root.toonholder") gotoAndPlay ("toon1")