Hello, i am ane.lt free online dating app developer, and just posting no to spam, but to as your advice is it possible to reach 1 000 000 download in google store without a lot money. THis dating app was launched just in last month, and it is downloaded just little bit more than 300 times, we are working on new updates at this time, adding nearby users list,,couple more funkcions startet our blog http://ane.lt/articles/ how it gona go, if you want you can follow it, it describes how this app maybe promoted in youtube, fiver, adwords..it doesnt matter how long, but 1 000 000 donwload will be reached
Let me know if you have any advice, you canwrote me in this topic, i will subscribe it,
Thanks, best wiches from Lithuania

app i on google store ane.lt https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ingmatch_anelt