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Thread: (Fill in the Blank) Still Reminds Me Of (Fill in the Blank)...

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    (Fill in the Blank) Still Reminds Me Of (Fill in the Blank)...

    I finally got a professional camera (or, at least as "professional" as my budget will allow) and all the while, I kept thinking about Wannabe_80z posts about his wanting to get a Canon (I forget the number)D camera.

    After all these years here, what is something that still reminds you of a member here?

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    Domo Kun. Everytime I see something crop up on fb I think of Gerbs as it was his avatar for a long time.

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    you people writing on dead boards remind me of the time they were filled with people and you would get new post every minute or so.
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    when I go to reddit, it's so massive, I always wonder if people in a subreddit are like we were back in the day.
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