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Thread: save jpg dynamically?

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    Red face save jpg dynamically?

    hi guys,

    is there any way to have it that when i press a button, it will save a jpg of everything that is in a movie clip?

    I'm using as3


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    Are you using adobe air? That has a built in way to save. Otherwise, you'll have to use some server script like PHP. This should show up easily in some google searching.

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    as3 uses file reference to do it very easily. no need for php but you can do it that way too.
    search the web for AS3 fileReference. you might need the class too. but its easy.
    thats if you are not using air

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    Here's an example that show exactly how to do it... http://designreviver.com/tutorials/a...es-from-flash/

    I also created a modified version of that example that saves a JPEG directly to the HD from a standalone EXE (using SWF Studio).
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