Even flash is dying there are so many good resources and tutorials that you can use, when making those cars, bikes, truck games that it's a pity they are covered by a deep layer of dust. I'm working on those kind of games, you can check them on Car Games and I'm constantly searching past threads on flashkit, some of them older than 15 years(!!) and many of them are having really useful information. The language is not so important as the techniques and algorithms you can use to make those games.

I discovered it's quite hard to search for it. I'm using Google and too many times I'm searching for some threads I remember them from the past, but I'm not able to find them again(or it takes too much time to do so). This is why I started this thread to gather all the information in one place, which can be easily accessible, for ex-flash programmers who now use html5 of other languages.

First of all let's split the car games in a few categories:

  • Racing Games - This is the most consistent category, we can divide it in a few more sub-categories:
    • Top-View - Vertical/Horizontal games, in which the car always goes in one direction, you can steer only to avoid obstacles.
    • Pseudo3d without curves - similar to the previous one, but the view is from the back and it has a bit of perspective.
    • Top View Racing/Drifting - games in which the cars are represented from top and they usually go on the closed loop circuit. They should have the most realistic physics behavior.
    • Isometric tweaks - All of above, but cars are represented isometric. As of now I didn't find such examples on flashkit forums.
    • Side-view racing and transport games - The cars are seen from the side, they usually goes from left to right on a rough terrain. Very popular with dirt bikes and with trucks which should transport items without losing them.
    • 3d - 3d games were made using latest 3d stage flash features and frameworks like Away3d and Papervision3d. I'm not sure if there is any example on flashkit.
  • Parking Games - Those games requires the most accurate car physics.
  • Drag Racing - A game in which the player has to change the gears right on time to win a straight line head to head race against another car

Here is a list of threads and examples you can find on flashkit:

I'll keep this thread active and I'll add more links from interesting flashkit forums discussions to it. In the next replies I'll try to highlight more top 2d racing games. If you have such discussions please reply to this thread with the links.