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Thread: Does your program get fixed oddly with trace

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    Does your program get fixed oddly with trace

    Rarely I am working on something in as3 and something should be happening but it doesn't so what I do is trace some numbers and all of a sudden it started working how it should

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    I use trace a lot.
    From button clicks to loading things and functions being called.
    It tells me where I am within the running code and can also help pinpoint errors easily if certain traces dont appear.
    Trace is your friend but I don't think it ever fixed something purely by being there for me.


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    well i have 2 ways of thinking to fix your problem,

    if you using Clases, you must CTRL +S (to save) the class before you run it. otherwise your new written code is not appearing in app.

    you might run 2 functions in same time, and by using "trace" you delay one of the functions so the 1st function is finishes up First.
    its kinda hard to explain. Flash is not Multithreaded (at least from what i know) but you need to write a better code to avoid running 2 commands in same time.
    like your program executing 2 events in same time, and the one who finishes 1st, needs to receive vars from other function that still running.

    Hope this info helped you.

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