I am pretty new to Flash. My project will be a mobile game where users go from one page to another by reading text and making choices. A programmer helped me set this up, but I am able to add the content.
Each page is a frame, where images and text are displayed along with decision boxes that let the player choose their path to the next frame.
In terms of story, certain frames correspond to certain locations (for example, a bar). There is a definite starting frame and ending frame for each location, although once the user is at that location the sequence of frames can change depending on the user's choices. I'd like to play certain music while the user is at a certain location. SO when the use enters (starting frame), the song start playing and will continuously loop. The user goes from one frame to another depending on his choices, but as long as he stays at that location the music should play uninterrupted. When the user comes to the end of the story at that location and leaves, the music should end.
So the start frame should have a tag - start playing song X
And the ending frame should have a tag - end playing song x
I know how to add audio to a frame, but I don't know how to add audio that plays across frames as I describe.
Is this possible and what is the code to do it?