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Thread: Need help Controlling multiple Movieclips

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    Exclamation Need help Controlling multiple Movieclips

    Hi guys,
    So I'm getting back into flash after 13 years out - attached is my .fla file. There are 6 buttons in there - ive got 2 working with
    script but as soon as i add the 3rd button the script doesn't work. So basically is there anyone out there who can open this file
    and put me out of my misery please... this is what I'm trying to script -

    When a button is pressed tell the other button MC to finish its animation and play the new buttons MC.

    Im still thinking in Actionscript 1/2 and ASC3 is all new to me,

    thanks guys

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    at those kind of jobs, i highly recommend to you using MovieClips instead of buttons, that way you are able to use Arrays

    if u want to make ur life easier, you should use arrays instead of manually add those stuff into your project.

    with my code, all you need to do now is add 1 command to implement new buttons:
    addBtnAndMovie(<Button MovieClip>, <Work MovieClip>);
    as you can see in your attachment.

    feel free to scool the code and try to understand it. it shouldn't be too complicated once you understand how array works.
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