I drop back to my old forum because i identify out in the field an opportunity for a skilled coder and a need for a well oiled cryptographic trading platform.

What's out there is lacking in performance badly in most areas, the concept and the idea is there but the functionality is not being delivered and there is constant complaints across the board.

It must be difficult to actually do it but i do know some coders hack there way through and some are fine tuned and good (i am the former but still i know the difference) and you can't be a hack when it comes to a world currency. All the places out there are falling short and nowhere is there something that ticks all boxes with the tools a trader needs.

So putting it out there and interested in any thoughts, feedback and discussion for anyone that thinks it's an opportunity. I don't care what happens or who would want to give it a go but you're going to need to know what your doing because it's a professional industry dealing with serious global money.

I am just a interested trader dabbling in a little cypto as a hobby and want a UI that's functional.

Coinigy has the right idea in concept but many problems with functionality. This is the type of thing that needs to be built!!

I so wish old senocular would step up and do this.

I am involved with a traders group and we can sertainly give you plenty of support and feedback and there is plenty of opportunity for you to make money with your traders platform once built and getting subscribers. I'm just putting the idea out there and not looking to employ anyone just a heads up that there is a niche entry point in the crypto market right now and if you've been looking for something to get into could be for you.