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Thread: [RESOLVED] Isometric lineup $1 per tile png

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Isometric lineup $1 per tile png

    Hi, I am almost done writing my isometric game skyizo, I am offering $1 for each tile item you can draw and you should make a set for a style (10 max), so lets say you want to go for a outdoor theme you would offer me upto lets say 10 outside looking items for a tile line up style, if I dont approve you are going to have to redraw some and than I pay.

    You can get the fla where I draw my tile objects here its called floor_obj.fla : https://rpguy.weebly.com/

    You can even get the whole games source code there I don't care anymore this game is going to end up letting you find real pennies that go to your paypal and will pay users more than I will probably earn off of the game.

    If you are going to include chairs for the theme make sure you have all 4 rotation sides and to do the back support separately like in the fla so I can separate them with code for depth.

    So 10 max per person, 2 people max. (will ask for more sets in another thread in the future.)

    Good themes I would suggest would be: castle, patio, Halloween, Christmas, living room, or something you think of.
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