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Thread: Synchronize axle geometry

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    Synchronize axle geometry

    Hello all,

    suggestions/example script is appreciated on the best way to synchronize 3 movie clip timelines to compensate for operational geometry changes of a vehicle steering animation.

    Movie clip 1 has two front axles and is controlled with two buttons for left/right steering operation.
    Movie clip 2 has one center axle and needs to be controlled directly by movie clip 1 and movie clip 3 timeline positions.
    Movie clip 3 has two rear axles and is also controlled with two buttons for left/right steering operation.

    The timeline for all movie clips is 64 frames with the center (straight ahead) position on frame 32. The frames operate forward and reverse to give left right steering.
    Because movie clips 1 and 3 have individual control buttons the timeline frame positions can vary or match and a script is required to calculate the frame positions and automatically control/vary the position of movie clip 2 based on the operational frame positions of movie clip 1 and 3

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    so you have keyframes nested in keyframes right, post script

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