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Thread: Combo Box gets disabled...

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    Combo Box gets disabled...

    Hello All,

    (This flash forum not a place for jokking, it is a place for sharing flash-programming knowledege).

    So, please, if you have had experienced such as the following programming-issue, do help, otherwise, save your time, and no need to write anything, with Genuine-Thank You in adavance!

    I have attached a combo-box as child inside a movieClip. The problem occures when the movieClip is moved around by drag-and-drop, then trying to interact with the combo-Box, it gets irresponsive, and sometimes the left-half of the combo-box-drop-down-list disappears.

    Any tip for solving this issue,

    Thank you!

    P.S. I can't & won't post the troubled *.fla-file. Thanks for understanding!

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    Glad we could help as I've seen that problem zero times.
    be nice to see YOUR issue.

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