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Thread: How can I export all audio files from FLA?

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    Red face How can I export all audio files from FLA?

    Old Flasher, Old projects... FLA has a library full of files I don't have anymore. Hundreds. Short of individually exporting sound files by playing them in the timeline, is there any tool or method for just saving the files out?

    I know about SWF decompilers, but those files would be compressed/compromised. Not to mention, the most popular decompiler of yesteryear no longer exists.

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    hope you can find the solution of your problem but if have not find any solution then tried to export with this method

    I tried to export was WAV, but couldn't find the option.

    Don't know if it will help, because what I did is a bit long winded, but here goes:

    I imported a .WAV file into the library
    I've set it on the main timeline(as if you were to copy your wav file to new document and place it on the timeline) and set it to Stream
    I've made the stage size 1 X 1 pixels ( not sure if necessary though )
    I've chosen File > Export Movie > QuickTime
    In the QuickTime settings I've ticked off Video and Prepare for Internet Streaming
    I've noticed the quicktime movie was the exact size as the wav file, not sure if it's a coincidence. I imported it into Soundbooth and Saved it as a wav with the settings it had ( 44100Hz, 16bit, Mono in my case)

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    im sure, using notepad++ change file.fla to file.zip, open zip file, search for .wav

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    Use Notepad++. This will help you at what you wants to do.

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    Consider using the 'JSFL' scripting language in Adobe Animate to batch-export sound files from your FLA library, providing a more efficient alternative to manual extraction.

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