Hey everyone, im still trying to understand how exactly i supposed to use flash vars.

so bear with me, i will try my best to explain the situation.

i have a custom class i made, where it stores vars inside:

package {  
public class PHPClass extends EventDispatcher {  
var stats = {HP:Number, MP: Number, Nickname:String};  
public function PHPClass() {  
//constructor code  

now, to use this class, for some reason, i need to create it,

so here i am at frame number 1 at my code, i do

var PHP:PHPClass = new PHPClass;

now what this allows me to do, when i write "PHP" then adding a dot (.) after that, i see the hint box what vars should i be using.

so far so good?

now, when i switch to frame 2 at my flash game, i no longer can use the hint box anymore but the command is still usable,

so like PHP.stats.HP = 20.0; still working, but i have no hint box to use anymore.

is there any way i can declare a var inside my 2nd frame so it will be using the same var i created at 1st frame?

because something like:

(on 2nd frame)

var NewPHP:PHP; does not work..

i hope i explained the situation clear enough, if no please tell me ill provide an example code.