Okay, a bit odd in a way but probably really easy if I can remember some of this..

I mostly used Shared objects for basic load/save functions because it's pretty easy and you can just dump a bunch of arrays and load them again with little problem, mostly just call the reference to the array name and where to load it to.

However, I want to use a better system since Shared objects (Cookies) are soo disposable and all, that it's not a great way to store a saved game or the like. Problem is, what I know of Byte Arrays doesn't quite cover how to do this. I know how to dump a stuff into a bytearray and how to load it, but as I know it, it loads as one 'lump'. or with byte offsets.. and I'm not sure if I can save at set bytes as 'names' for arrays and load easily like this or not.. anyone sure?