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Thread: Anyone from the old gang still lurking around

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    The chrome notice of shutting down flash reminded me of this place, figures there's a thread like this.
    Haven't written anything in flash in a very long time.

    Also there's this book coming out for those that haven't seen it: https://www.taschen.com/pages/en/cat..._1990today.htm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie Lanham View Post
    Woah! You have come after 10 years!! that's a pretty long time you aren't here. I am new here. can you share with us how was the environment here at that time? is it same or the forum was more active than today?
    It was wild and crazy in the lounge and not in a good way. We'd have forum wars with other forums trying to make a name for themselves by starting fights here. I avoided the lounge for a long time. But If I wanted to move up as a moderator I knew I'd have to establish my presence somewhere else than the swish forums. Even though I was active in many forums except the flash ones. I was still a nobody in the lounge and many questioned my right to be a swish mod when I got that role as they'd never seen a post by me.

    I came in about six months before the sale of the original owner to Internet.com It was big enough that he never had to work again. Everyone wanted to be Mark Fennell (founder). Build it and they will come.

    I can't begin to tell you how busy the forums were or how much time many of us put in here. Everyone was chasing posts to reply to. And sometimes disinformation as well as alternative means to an ends were passed along. Which was the point of the moderators. Not to answer everyone's question but to monitor the situation.

    Two of the big game changers where... Posting in the Coffee Lounge was omitted as post counts. If you wanted to earn a rep by post counts you'd have to go out and earn it in the help forums. And secondarily the great data dump where many of us lost thousands of post counts as well as endless amounts of old threads disappeared forever.

    Gerbick had his post count increased I had mine drop by a few thousand.

    The help forums were always friendly and crowded. That is what above all else would keep people coming back for more.
    The less known areas of flashkit were a godsend to many. http://www.flashkit.com/movies/ http://www.flashkit.com/fonts/ http://www.flashkit.com/loops/ and more

    I contributed movies, tutorials, loops here as did many others.

    Flashkit was a launchpad for many careers in various fields. When I came here I was a cook by trade who also did web design on the side and had an interest in streaming media and interactive design. Honestly I didn't think I'd be more than a cook for the rest of my days but fk inspired me. I'm not the only one. Eventually I became a moderator then a super moderator here. As well I did technical writing and was featured in some rather prominent online publications. From there I went into the software field as a technical writer / producer and support technician for a me too flash based company Swishzone.

    Though I didn't participate the battles in the Arena were always fun photoshop tennis.
    Simply amazing work. While FB is mostly look at my food or my cat or here's something I want to share that I got from somewhere else.. Flashkit was mostly about doing something to share with others. Your movies, your sound loops your artwork.

    Then there's always those discussions which really aren't brought up at the dinner table. Like how you were able to import xml data into an swf to display rss feeds. Using MyPHP to populate a MYSQL database. Using .so to save scores for a game you've developed in flash. That stuff you can bring here share with others and they will understand and compliment you on it.

    FK was a nerd oasis.
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    Frets... I paid for my post count to increase. I can finally tell the truth

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    I'm still here

    Still not a moderator
    Still not caring, but mum wants to wear that ruddy t-shirt

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