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Thread: Anyone care to take a jab? Convert my AS2 site to HTML5?

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    Anyone care to take a jab? Convert my AS2 site to HTML5?

    I posted this once before, years back... no one ever responded. The forum was quite inactive at that time, but as I return I see more people online. Cool.

    Quick backstory. I created my site using a template. I dissected the template and learned all there was to know about it, so I'm very comfortable using it. I modified it, changed it up, and now it's more personal and relatable to my usage.

    Now... I need to, but can't for the life of me get my site converted to HTML5 (is that even the right terminology?) I want to use Adobe Animate. I was previously using Flash CS6. Maybe look at a sample of the files... these are pretty basic. Warning: Contains fla and swf files, if you're not comfortable using the swfs, simply open the fla's and export them yourself. These are in AS2.


    Simply open Test Window and it will load content1 into it. That's basically all my site is, if not just a little more fancy. You can see the abandoned project at hugclub.net (just enable flash) ignore the btc prices in the item shop, that was a long time ago :P.... I stopped working on it because browsers no longer opened flash without people enabling it deep in the settings. I didn't expect my viewers to do this every time they came to my site... I was pretty much doomed at that point (although not too long ago, they kinda updated it where all you need to do is click the gray box and click allow). Yeah, a bit too late for me. And now flash is going away entirely?

    If anyone's interested, I could send them the source files to the whole shebang and maybe they could jumpstart me. For one, I don't even know if an opening preloader is even necessary anymore since it's not a packaged swf file anymore, but instead a whole bunch of resources in a folder. Would it just load like a regular website? (all the images kinda popping up on their own). There's also a php mailer.. that's gonna be fun trying to get to work on HTML5...

    Well, this will be the last time I post this. If no one knows how, I may as well let the project die out :/ I at least just wanted to see it done after all these years. I tried learning JS, it only makes sense isolated to the tutorials, not at all for building things from the ground up. Again, with my template, I never would have known how to make it all by myself. I can reverse engineer something that exists, but I lack the skill to actually make it from scratch (the know how doesn't exist in my head). So if someone can make an HTML5 template or make an actual conversion, I should be able to figure out how it works and continue working on it.

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    Here's what I would do. Grab a copy of KoolMoves or KoolShow from https://www.koolmoves.com/animation-software.html and recreate your site. KoolMoves exports both Flash and HTML5 and KoolShow exports HTML5. There's a forum on here for this product and the developer, Bob, always responds within a days time. That's the best I can offer. Hope you get your website converted one way or another.

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    Hi there,
    that's about this. SWF to JS
    But it work only for AS2 and "simple" stuff


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