Hi all!

I worked a LOT with Flash in the past and have made several AS2 and AS3 applications (mostly games and a few online tools). With all the popularity loss of Flash my customers started to ask me less and less projects and I ended abandoning Flash around 8 years ago or so. Now only use Flash once in a while to make maintenance of ONE old tool that a customer of mine still uses internally in his company. After that I have made a couple jobs using HTML5 libraries such as CreateJS. Well, it works but I really lack the great Flash IDE and the easiness of dealing with movie clips.

Recently I have heard about "Adobe Animate" and went after this. The least I saw online (and it wasn't too much) I can tell that it looks like a LOT Flash interface to me and I "understood" that use it is like using good old Flash and the difference is that instead to generate a SWF it generates a pure HTML5 file (putting us Flashers kind of back to the game).

Before I spend a lot of time on it (I am an old fart so time is critical to me) questions are:

1) how much true is in it?
2) is this solid and reliable (ahem!) as Flash?
3) it uses AS3 or it is a whole new coding grammar?
4) any further comments about AA?