Hi there,
I need the help of an AS3 Dev for a long term project.
I already have working files of the thing I need you to re-create.
This is a bit of a recovery effort, much like you've seen many doing in a race to beat the 2020 deadline.
I've been trying to get the professional opinion of a AS3 developer, or several, that are experienced in the nuances of Actionscript 3 but it's been quite difficult because of Flash's status among people that no longer use it.

There is a game in my possession that I need to re-create, either in the Flash Run-time or in the newer Animate CC canvas, with updated assets.
The perception of Flash and AS3, is that it's antiquated. So it's been difficult finding the right type of help for this project, or the right forum. And I'm hoping someone here can help in this regard.

Like I mentioned at first, I need to recreate a game that already exists. I even have the working files of a working copy of the game, but I need to rebuild it in a way that will allow me and a partner (you, possibly) to make on-going edits based on feedback.

Let me describe the game a bit without being too vague.
-I have all the working files.
-The mouse locks onto the animation objects, a character's head.
-The object that the mouse is locked onto is steered on-screen into another object.
-This activates unique library objects, sounds, short animations, loops throughout the game.
-There is an invisible meter that builds as the mouse moves back and forth correctly until you win.
-There is a gravity system.
-There is a sub-menu of attributes that switch certain library objects
-There is a place where the files live and can be swapped out with community made content.

This game is simple in nature but has complex nuances that require someone with an advanced AS3 skillset.

I myself am an animation expert in Flash/Animate CC already. If we can synergize, this would work best.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. I intend on hiring someone.
If you would rather email me a response or ping me on discord or another IM app, please private message me.

Thanks for reading,