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Thread: Dispatch Events in AS2.0

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    Dispatch Events in AS2.0

    function onComponentClickHandler( o:Object ):Void{
    trace(“component clicked”);
    //do something here
    component.addEventListener(“click”, onComponentClickHandler);

    //component class – Component.as
    import mx.events.EventDispatcher;
    class com.Component extends MovieClip
    public var addEventListener:Function; //declaring the function to access addEventListener of MovieClip

    public function Component () {
    this.onRelease = function() {
    //creating the event object
    var eventObj:Object = new Object();
    eventObj.type = “click”; // event type
    eventObj.target = this; // event target

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    Is there a question here? Also, you can use a [CODE] wrap to help with posting code. If you want an example then the quote button should help.

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